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Successful real estate investing begins with finding the right property in the right location. But how do you protect and grow your investment once you are in the market? Careful management, budgeting and maintenance are key elements of smart real estate investing. At Thornhill Properties, Inc., we understand that good property management yields solid profits. Our property managers are on call 24/7 to make sure that your property receives optimal care.

From maintenance and repair to cultivating positive tenant relationships, the Thornhill Property Management team oversees the daily operation of our properties with the long-range goals of our clients in mind. Office buildings, retail shopping centers, condominiums, homeowners associations (HOAs) and multi-unit rental properties make up our management portfolio.

With that, the focus of our team here at Thornhill is to serve the clients real estate needs. We realize that in order for these goals to be met we must provide a number of crucial services to keep a property operating smoothly. Our team guarantees superior maintenance at all the properties we manage. At Thornhill we pride ourselves in being responsive and proactive in compliance, financial accounting, maintenance, and landscape upkeep.